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TRENDnet TPL-406: Smallest 500 Mbps Powerline adapter in the world?

In addition to a first AC Wi-Fi router, TRENDnet also announced a new powerline adapter ahead of the CES 2012. The new TPL-406 claims the title of “smallest 500 Mbps Powerline adapter in the world”.

Unfortunately, TRENDnet did not communicated the size of its adapter, a straw for a product that is its main argument. But the photos show that it is almost two times smaller than its predecessor, the TPL-401E, meanwhile measuring 92 x 72 mm. It is difficult to say whether or not sit is maller than its direct competitor, the Netgear XAV2101, measuring 67 x 55 mm.

The TPL-406 offers anyway a theoretical speed of 500 Mbps, which, in practice, is the same of existing products of approximately 90 Mbps. It is to do a variant of the HomePlug AV standard, which allows it to work with compatible adapters from other manufacturers, such as those supplied with the ISP box.

A power saving feature automatically reduces power consumption by 70% when idle.

The TRENDnet TPL-406 will be marketed in the United States in April with a retail price of $60. It will also be offered as a set under the TPL-406E2K name for $100.

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