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Transcend’s: 4 new SSD in SF2281

New SSD720 are only 7 mm thick and pass the 500 GB

Transcend launches its new line of SSDs called SSD720. As its name does not indicate the frame of these new flash memory drives is only 7 mm thick. Inside, we find the MLC flash memory engraved in 24 nm that can offer storage sizes of 512 GB. The manufacturer confirms the use of the SandForce controller to offer  the displayed performance.

Performance, are AROUND 560 MB/s for sequential read and 540MB/s sequential write. In 4K and random, the manufacturer shall be able to offer 86,000 IOPS. On the features side, the range of Transcend SSD720 supports NCQ (Native Command Queue), TRIM and the ECC or the Wear-Leveling to optimize the number of write commands on all the chips presents on the PCB of the disc.

The range spans from the smallest disk of 64 GB, 128 GB and 256 GB or up to 512 GB disk. The whole range has three years warranty, with no currently indication of the rate applied to these disks.

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