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Transcend DMP10 Review

The small Transcend DMP10 multimedia box claims to want to simplify the lives of users by giving easy and effective access to multimedia files. “The well-designed and colourful interface will also make it a pleasure to use” adds the manufacturer in its product file. That’s what they think, but what about us?


Runs quietly

Viewing of photos in miniature format

Multimedia compatibility ok


Heavy video will be jumpy

No network connector

Unattractive interface

Menus rather slow


This type of media centre targets those who want to play their multimedia files back with minimum fuss. For everyone else, this model lacks diversity and adaptability.
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  1. Johnny Maracas says:

    i have one of this, is my first hd player so i cannot compare performance with others like appletv or popcorn, anyway here my review:


    very simple

    the image quality playing hd files on an hd screen is spectacular

    read almost every video distribution codec

    reads .iso dvd image

    it is little, can fit everywhere


    menu slow

    jumpy video with high datarates

    no way with mac formatted drives

    doesnt work with editing video codec like prorez, cineform, photo jpg, and big resolution flv,

    cannot connect 2 usb memory at same time
    (but it works with 1 hdd with power supply and 1 usb memory at same time )

    No playlist creation utility

    sometimes it crash, needs to deconnect the ac plug to reset

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