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Tranquil PC iXL nettops packs an Intel Core i3 punch

Tranquil PC IXL Nettop

The Tranquil PC iXL is a small nettop not much larger than the ASRock ION nettop but there’s not Atom processor here.  Instead, this guy has a 2.93GHz Intel Core i3-530 CPU.   Consequently, it uses about 30W of power while idle vs. about half of that for an Atom based nettop.  But, that’s still much less than the hundreds of watts of power and subsequent heat that other desktops put out.

The Tranquil PC iXL also has DVI, HDMI eSATA, and USB ports, as well as an optical drive bay for a DVD or Blu-Ray drive. There are 2 DDR3 memory slots and a hard drive bay.

Prices start at £389, or about $576 US but that doesn’t include RAM, a hard drive, operating system, or Blu-Ray drive (It does, however, include a DVD drive).

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