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Toshiba Places STB1F Review

Important note: the HD TV tuner in this media centre is a DVB-T tuner rather than a DVB-T2 tuner. This means it cannot pick up HD Freeview channels in the UK. It should, however, have no problem picking up HD channels in other countries or SD channels in the UK.

Toshiba is positioning the Places STB1F as an Internet, TV and Multimedia adaptor. We therefore tested it opposite other digital media centres. The TV interface impressed us but we wonder if enough attention has been given to the various multimedia decoding features. Answers below!


Nice digital tuner interface

Programme guide for the next 10 days

Built-in wi-fi



Regular multimedia crashes

Compatibility down on the competition

No record feaure

No timeshift feature

Remote could sit better in the hand



In spite of a good concept and the stand-out digital tuner interface, this media centre lacks certain indispensable features and suffers from crashes.

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