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Toshiba 55ZL1 Cevo Review

Before we look at the 55ZL1 Cevo in detail, let’s take a look at the television’s origins.  It was originally called the Cell TV because of the powerful processor that can simultaneously handle eight different HD streams or around forty SD streams.  That sort of performance is popular in some of Toshiba’s other markets, but it isn’t necessarily what European viewers need.

The manufacturer went back to the drawing board and switched the Cell TV processor for the less powerful Cevo Engine.  It might only be able to handle a single video stream at once, but it’s better suited to everyday viewing.


Excellent picture quality in 2D and reasonable results in 3D

High contrast ratio: over 5000:1 in Hollywood Pro mode with dynamic backlighting

Sound bar with decent quality audio included

No clouding or blooming visible from the front, though some blooming at either side

Low energy consumption


Glossy screen picks up reflections

Media player doesn’t support enough video formats

Too much crosstalk in 3D

Dissapointing external finish


This is a prestige TV that really does the business in 2D with accurate colours, a contrast ratio of over 5000:1, wider than average viewing angles and a display that’s as even as the best plasma.  It’s 3D that lets it down, where there is just too much crosstalk.

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