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Thermolab ITX30: 3cm to cool your mediacenter

Thermolab is a Korean company specialized as its name suggests in the cooling of computer components.

Already behind the crazy bet to provide a cooling system for CPU below 4 cm in 2009 with the Nano Silencer, Thermolab comes back today to the delight of owners of home multimedia solutions.

This new CPU cooler, named ITX30 measures only 3 cm thick. You have probably realized it is not built for performance and will not win the design prize. The ITX30 is oriented for media center configurations where each centimeter are counted.

ITX30 (Height:30mm), Nano Silencer (Height:39mm), Intel bundle cooler(Height:45mm)

Featuring a 80mm ultra-thin fan (comparable to a 80mm BeQuiet SilentWings) capable of running at 1400 RPM (in PWM) or maximum 2500 RPM, the ITX30 should be discreet with a maximum noise level measured at 27 dBA.

Weighing around 300g, the ITX30 is very dense, probably because of its copper dissipation area fully included the two heat pipes.

Compatible with Intel only (1155 and 1156), the ITX30 will soon be available at an MSRP of $25.

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