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Thermaltake SD101: a mini ITX HTPC case

Thermaltake completes its catalog by announcing the arrival of a new case: the SD101. This model has a very compact size and is particularly targeted to users who want to build an HTPC. To stand out, it offers 2.5 “, 3.5″ and 5.25 ” places and USB 3.0 on the front panel.

This new SD101 HTPC case measures 264 x 119 x 261 mm, with a weight of only 2.8 kg. Its small size makes it only compatible with mini ITX motherboards. Know that the power supply is delivered with the case, it is a 180W 80Plus Bronze certified model. Unfortunately, the manufacturer does not indicate the size of the PSU, but it should be a Flex-ATX.

The design is not the most discreet, especially for a case that you want to install in your living room, that probably will regret some of you. Indeed, numerous mesh grilles in front, on top and sides do not go unnoticed. However, its forms are somewhat discreet, only the sides have an inclined surface.

Inside, we find a 5.25″ rack which takes place just above the power supply. We also have a cage that has two locations, one in 3.5″ and a second in 2 5″. The different fasteners are made using conventional screws, so no quick fastening system is part of the case.

As we can see, the motherboard takes place at the bottom of the case. The tray is basic and has no opening, which is not a disadvantage given the field covered by this case. At the rear, we will point the presence of two openings for low profile cards. You should know that the height available for the CPU cooler is 45 mm, while the base for the graphics card is 172 mm.

The cooling system is provided by a single 80 mm fan, with a thickness of 15 mm only. Its rotation speed is 2100 rpm at 12 V, and the noise announced by the manufacturer is 23 dB(A). The numerous openings covered with mesh grilles help you gain a few degrees allowing the airflow.

For external connections, we have two USB 3.0 connectors and audio jacks for headphones and microphone on the front panel.

The manufacturer has not yet announced the price, or even the availability date. Note that cases compatible with motherboards Mini ITX formats, we can cite the Antec NSK2480
($110), or certain models of the SilverStone Grandia series (from $85 to $300) as the GD05B for about $95, for example.


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