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Thermaltake Luxa² LM300 Touch Pro

Before the explosion of PC computing there was a time when home audio and video components were proudly displayed in one’s living area as something to show off to neighbors and friends. As time went on, these things became more and more integrated into PCs and portable media devices and became more of an individual, almost private thing for some. Luxa² is here to revive these glorious days with their LM300 Touch Pro and make the living room a place for enjoyment again, a place to be entertained and show off entertainment in style. Read on to see if the Luxa² LM300 Touch Pro is the right HTPC enclosure for you.

Model: Luxa² LM300 Touch Pro
Case Type: HTPC Case
Net Weight: 21.58 lbs
Dimension (H*W*D): 8.58″ (218mm) x 18.11″ (460mm) x 16.14″ (410mm)
Material: Aluminum Extrusion
Color: Front Panel: Black / Body: Silver
Cooling System: Rear: 120x120x25mm fan (1300rpm) 17dBA
Motherboards: Standard ATX / Micro ATX / Mini ITX
Drive Bays: External 5.25″ x 1, Internal 3.5: x 2
Front I/O: USB 2.0 x 2, IEEE 1394 Firewire x1, Audio x 1, Mic x 1, Multi-Card Reader
Expansion Slots: 7
Touch Screen: Screen Size: 7″, Screen Ratio: 15:9, Maximum Resolution: 1024×768, Screen Output: D-Sub, Power Input: 12V DC


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