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Thermaltake Element Q Mini-ITX Chassis w/ 220W Power Supply

Thermaltake Element Q Mini ITX Chassis w 220W Power Supply Thermaltake Element Q Mini ITX Chassis w/ 220W Power Supply

First off, I need to apologize to Thermaltake, as this product got set behind some others and I should have had this done earlier. Secondly, I would like to apologize to my readers for not showing you this in a more timely fashion, leaving you without seeing the benefits of the chassis I am about to show you.

If you are even slightly computer savvy and have been shopping for anything PC related, I’m sure you have run across the name Thermaltake in your travels. Everything from power supplies, chassis’, and cooling has been handled for years by them, and they did quite well making a name for themselves. A while back we did get the opportunity to look at a couple of the mid and full tower chassis’ in the Element series designed for gamers and having cooling and wire management being of utmost importance.

Today the Element series is taking a turn, or a reduction to be more precise. The chassis we are about to look at is quite Spartan compared to its much larger brethren, as this chassis isn’t exactly directed at gaming as the others were. This time the chassis gets dropped to about the height of your favorite 12 oz. beverage, and is designed to go in a HTPC environment or a low power web surfing and email machine if you don’t want to include this to your home theater.

Today we are looking at the Element Q from Thermaltake, and it is what they call a Mini case – Keeping some styling cues from the Elements we have seen previously along with some nice design features on the inside that I am not used to seeing in chassis’ of this size. So what exactly is a mini case, and what does it have to offer? Keep reading as I am about to show you a chassis that has won me over!


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