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The Xbox 720 will come out late 2013

Remember a few days ago, we told you about an Xbox 720 logo in a movie, and although this seems to be confirmed, since Microsoft would project to launch the new Xbox in 2013. This information comes from many sources (manufacturers, third-party …), and now we expect an announcement at Q3 2013, for an effective availability in late 2013.

The developer “Lionhead” has already planned a first title under the code name “Fable Next”. For your information, it is also  known as “Xbox Next” in some conferences when we think of Microsoft Xbox 720. We know a new 3D Unreal Engine is being developed by Epic Games. EA Studio will also have a development platform, although the developer has indicated that this information is wrong. Nevertheless, if the information is confirmed, we imagine that the basis of this new console will be a 40 nm GPU, with the presence of a Bluray player but specific formats are not possible in less than 2 years.

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