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The Samsung Chromebox

google io 2011 day 10520 13051352271 The Samsung Chromebox   What is it?

In all the excitment about Chrome Notebooks, very few have focussed on the possibility of Google pushing Chrome OS to the desktop. I remember a few months ago writing about my vision of Chrome OS working on the nettop plaform. It seems that I wasn’t too far off; Google unveiled today Samsung’s ‘Chromebox’ which will work as a none portable platform for their new operating system.

This points a to the possible trajectory that Google wants to take with Chrome OS. It is likely that the Internet giant will focus their new operating system on both the notebook and the Desktop platform, leaving Android OS in the tablet/smartphone market.

The device will begin shipping this summer alongside the Samsung Series 5 and the Acer Chromebook. The Chromebox will initially be aimed at business customers but we see no reason why Google won’t be opening the floodgates to the consumer market.


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