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The OpenPC Project: Ready-made GNU/Linux Machines

The Open Desktop communities Open-PC project is now offering three different models of open computers with turn-key GNU/Linux and KDE installations based on OpenSUSE (or Ubuntu). These systems could provide real competition with pre-installed Windows or Mac computers, overcoming some of the most frequently-cited problems with GNU/Linux on the desktop. The systems are now available from vendors in Europe and the USA.


It’s not that uncommon to come across brave plans for GNU/Linux-based computer systems, ranging from games to netbooks to desktops, but they often turn out to be vaporware that never makes it to market. One thing that’s exciting about the Open-PC project is that it actually has hardware in stock now — so if you think you’re actually in the market for a low-cost “nettop” computer with GNU/Linux/KDE branding and a totally-configured operating system pre-configured for newbies (maybe for a gift?), then do read on, this is the real deal.

The OpenPC project is an offshoot of the long-standing OpenDesktop organization which hosts community sites like KDE-look and Gnome-look. Leveraging this community access, the group has been in a position to survey the GNU/Linux user community for specifications and other resources to specify what sort of computer would be useful. It began with a proposal presented by Frank Karlitschek in 2009, and has proceeded quite rapidly to products available at the end of 2010.

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