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The new version of VLC 2.0 media player available

We had announced this week on HTPC-Reviews, it’s done since Sunday. VLC is finally available for download on the servers in its newest TwoFlower version. As announced, VLC supports multi-core processors, providing better management of subtitles, you can play multiple videos in one RAR archive and supportsĀ Blu-Ray playback. A slight rearrangement of the interface for Windows users, but nothing too glaring.

This version adds most important developments over the Macintosh users who have a whole new interface. Among the improvements, generic support for QTKit devices was added for audio and video, allowing you to view and rebroadcast the external USB and FireWire webcams, microphones and the SDI and DVB compatible cards.

The Android version is still under development and still in its IOS old version.

You can download VLC 2.0 at

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