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The 4TB Internal Hard Drive from Hitachi on sale in Japan

It is not yet with us of course, and with the current prices just a few would venture to purchase a 4TB HDD, but we begin to find 4TB internal disks in shops, in this case in the famous district of Akihabara in Japan.

The first manufacturer is Hitachi with a model with four 1TB platters, 32MB cache and a 6Gbps SATA. Interesting detail: the selling price noted in a shop by our colleagues at Akiba PC Hotline is not unreasonable, in the sense that it is 7000 yen higher than the price charged for the Hitachi 3TB, itself already  7000 yen more expensivet han 2TB. The extra TB is not paid more, something rare on this type of news.

Interesting anecdote to finish: a label on an OEM version of the disc with production date in October 2011, it states “Made In Thailand”. On the other hand a boxed version produced in November shows “Assembled in China, components from Thailand”, proof that Hitachi like so many others had to take action following the floods …

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