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Syabas Popcorn hour A-210 review

Syabas’s Popcorn Hour streamers are known for their adaptability, and were among the first to include built-in BitTorrent and Usenet clients. Further development comes quickly thanks to a keen user development community constantly producing new apps and features.

The A-210 is a basic but well-constructed black metal box with HDMI, component, composite and S-Video outputs, plus stereo phono and both optical and co-axial S/PDIF outputs. It has Gigabit Ethernet and has two standard USB ports for connecting external storage, a wireless adaptor or a USB keyboard.

A USB Type B port allows you to connect it to your PC as an external storage device. There’s room to fit either a 2.5in or 3.5in hard disk; the A-210 makes little noise with a disk installed and none without one. Once you’ve attached either internal or external hard disks, you can use the Popcorn Hour’s built-in NAS features to share its content via Samba, UPnP, FTP or NFS file shares. The remote control is an ugly wedge of silver plastic with loads of clunky and confusing buttons. It lights up in the dark, though, which is handy for midnight movie sessions.

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