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Storex D-522 Media Player Review

Storex is positioning the D-522 as the flagship media centre in its 2011 range. What does it add in comparison to the 2010 range and how does it match up to the competition and all the new services on offer elsewhere? We’ll give you the answers below.

Storex obviously hasn’t paid much attention to the quality of its product. The finish (see inset), remote and interface make the D-522 look very low-end. The remote is extra flat, with poor handling. The plastic and buttons are very cheap looking. Poor quality merch.


Display of integrated album covers

High throughput video playback



Poor quality manufacture and mediocre finish

The image jumps at times

Pared-down interface with no real advantages

Poor support for Blu-ray and DVD backups

Badly designed remote, cheap



A product to be avoided at all costs. You’ll find (much) better for the same price elsewhere

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