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Steam on your TV: Final version of Big Picture

Valve has officially launched the final version of Big Picture mode for its Steam download platform which can now play PC and Mac games on your TV, thus gaining use comfort.

The Steam download platform meets a real hit with PC, Mac and now GNU/Linux gamers (still in closed beta), especially because of the very large catalog of games, but also because of some very attractive promotions offered by the service.

However, comfort is valuable for us gamers, and this is why Valve decided to improve its platform to allow us to play directly from our couch. Indeed, Big Picture mode was implemented, gives the possibility to adapt Steam to your TV, simply by connecting your PC or Mac via an HDMI cable.

Now, Big Picture is available in its final version for all owners of a Steam account. The usual interface has been modified to gain comfort due to a larger TV display compared to a typical monitor. All games will be adapted to the size of your TV, also with the option of setting up a controller, or simply a keyboard/mouse combo. Note that all games are not yet compatible with the pads.

As shown in the video below, Steam Big Picture also provides to surf the Internet in an easy way through a reticle-based navigation. The use of a joystick can also be done. Big Picture also features a new method of typing with a gamepad and Daisywheel. For more information about the implementation of Big Picture, Steam has put in place a detailed setup page.

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