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SSD prices are falling to affordable levels

A SSD is one of those components that may give new life to an old notebook as almost no other, but has a serious side effect: the price is too high … or should we say “was”?

While the prices of hard drives have risen because of flooding in Thailand, SSD drives prices had drastically been reduced because of a simple evolution of technology, which includes cheapest NAND chips and best controlers in the memories of OCZ, Intel, and Crucial, which together had a price cut estimated at 65%.

In June last year a 256 GB memory could be acquired at a price of $500, today you can buy this same unit for $200, which is not something we can call “cheap”, but is rather much more accessible. This means that the price per GB of the SSD is in the average of $0.82, something that can now be considered the (almost) ideal storage system in most cases.

Source: TechReport

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