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Soundscience Rockus 3D | 2.1 Speaker System Review

Diversification is the name of the game as the computer industry continues to morph and expand into a blurred convergence with all kinds of consumer electronics. There are many examples, and several distinct waves of diversification over the past decade. One of the most obviously successful was the iPod, which started the transformation of Apple into the most visible, celebrated consumer electronics brand of the early 21st century. Less visible to the average consumer but significant among PC brands was the diversification by memory and cooling companies into the retail power supply market, with Corsair probably the most successful in this sector. Another arena is solid state drives, now being supplied by many brands never before associated with digital storage.

Over the past year, audio accessories and components have become one of the hot grounds for diversification among many computer-related companies. Arctic Cooling, a cooling solutions provider, began marketing a big line of earphones and headphones last year. Zalman has also moved in that direction in recent months, now offering soundcards, headphones, and even amplifiers. Silverstone and Scythe both offered amplifiers for the PC for a while, and the latter now offers speakers as well. Aforementioned Corsair also jumped in recently with gaming headsets and speaker systems for PCs. Remember how computer audio began — a 1.5″ throwaway speaker slapped somewhere in the chassis to beep codes, mostly about errors — and you’ll have to agree, things have come a long way… even though $4.99 at Newegg can still buy you a pair of “350W Multimedia Speakers Powerful life like Sound Quality Connects to Any Computer, TV, Boom Box, Shelf System, CD player, Windows 95, 98, 2000, XP and windows NT compatible.”

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