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SoundGraph Wireless USB Monitor – A 10″ HTPC Touchscreen Remote

You could find plenty of uses for a mini USB monitor, yet the screen always needs to be tethered to a desktop or laptop due to the wired connection. Certified Wireless USB is here to change that and SoundGraph is the first to leverage the potential with the new FingerVU 1016W. The FingerVU 1016W is a battery-powered 10″ monitor through which you control Windows apps with widgets accessible on the touch screen. The monitor communicates with a PC via WUSB; this alone makes the UI fairly responsive.

The FingerVU 1016W tackles a few usability problems associated with HTPCs. As most music players focus on their user interface on the same screen as the media playback, the SoundGraph wireless USB monitor makes it easy to fully control the software without the need to turn on the TV. You could say the same for other applications that don’t quite need the big display. The SoundGraph FingerVU 1016W can help with the HTPC’s system management as well as simple web surfing and file downloads. There’s no word when the monitor will ship. Even if it does, don’t expect SoundGraph to bring it to the stateside anytime soon.


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