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SoundGraph Hummin’3.03 The Complete HTPC Solution @ Computex 2011

I am a huge fan of HTPC, I love them and love building them, but today after I stumble-upon SoundGraph’s Hummin’3.03 and future Hummin’1.05 for iPhone and Hummin’5.05 for iPad I can’t stop thinking that I have to give up building my own solution and need to get of these insanely awesome solution from SoundGraph.

[Computex 2011] SoundGraph Hummin’3.03 the ultimate HTPC Solution

So what’s so special here? The Hummin’3.03, available in Korea and Chine since early January is a cube like HTPC powered by either an Intel Core i3-540 or an AMD Athlon2 X2 250 and comes with the usual 2GB of RAM, 250GB of HDD, Blu-Ray Drive and a 400W power Supply, but with also a gorgeous Wireless USB removable touchscreen that will be used as your only mean to control your Hummin HTPC.

Now I have to admit that I am not really found of the “Plastic” feeling and overall Design of the actual Hummin’3.03 and prefer the upcoming iPad and iPhone solution, but if you put aside this somehow “cheap” design for a minute and concentrate on what Hummin’3.03 is really capable of you will be blown out!

First and foremost, SoundGrahp developed a kick-ass User Interface to control your HPTC that will put to shame EVERYTHING that you are seen until today! Seriously I never something like this in my life and especially with all the features available and the capacity in just a touch of a finger to send back and forth your Show/Audio Interface or Hummin interface on your TV or on your Tablet Like remote. The UI is just amazingly well thought and well design, the overall system is freaky fast and responsive and accept whatever you will feed it! But words cannot describe how cool this Hummin’3.03 is so make sure to check the video below!

Now, if like me you are not really to crazy with the actual Hummin’3.03 design, you should check what SoundGraph as coming with their Hummin’1.05 for iPhone and Hummin’5.05 for iPad. Simply put, take a cube share aluminum case, add an iPhone/iPad docking station and install the Hummin’3.03 UI into an iPhone/iPad App and voila! To make things even better, SoundGraph President DK Jung told me that you will either have the choice to buy these solution directly from them or some kind of Cradle that will fit most HTPC Cases and especially Silverstone ones, how cool is that?!?!?!


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