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Soundbar with wireless subwoofer creates 360º sound

I have always maintained that the soundbar speaker type  is an interesting solution for those who just want to boost the sound of the TV in the room without spending a lot. Although these boxes come deserving the attention of the public and industry, due to the compact size and easy installation, you can not compare them with a home theater system that consists of, at least, five speakers.

But, JBL decided to enter this wave with the SB 300 model, which brings the as different the presence of a wireless active subwoofer to avoid the annoying cable run across the room providing greater placement flexibility. With 116cm wide, the soundbar has two 2″ speakers and a 25mm tweeter able to get 50W of power.

The sub has a 100W amplifier, 8″ woofer and a lower frequency response of 42 – 200Hz (-3dB). According to the manufacturer, a 3D surround processing, when activated, enhances the sound propagation in 360º. The speaker has digital inputs (optical and coaxial) and stereo RCA.

Price: $600

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