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Sony SMP-N200 Streaming Player with 3D Support

As LG does with your Smarty, Sony is trying to bring the experience of Internet on their TVs and Blu-Ray equipment connected to any model who wants to make progress on reproduction and access of content.

Sony SMP-N200 is the new model we present from IFA 2011. Small, discreet, but compatible with high definition content and 3D. Playback can opt to pick up from a connected network (DLNA) or directly from a USB flash drive, but only have one USB port.

Internet services, from social networks to streaming services are accessible via WiFi or Ethernet port, and to control the Sony SMP-N200 we can make use of the application for Android or iOS teams.

The Sony SMP-N200 will be available in October at $99.99.


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  1. encuestas remuneradas says:

    All these players are just too expensive. I know 99 dollars sound cheap when Apple announced it, but the fact that all this is just a vending machine for our money and are useless without you paying to use them, these things need to be 49 dollars max. Maybe 79 for a ‘high end’ model but 100 bucks for a machine useless without your money is a JOKE!

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