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Sony SMP-N100 Media Player Review

Owners of a Sony TV already know that they can play media files via the built-in media player, so why not port this to a separate box that anyone can access even if they don’t have a Sony TV? This is the idea behind the Sony SMP-N100, a media streamer that puts the accent on connected services, such as catch-up TV for example.

A Xrross Media Bar interface

The centre has a very good quality finish. Though quite wide, you can’t fit a hard drive in there.  The remote looks similar to those designed for Sony TVs. No backlighting but a good build and handling.


VOD and music online services available

Built-in wi-fi



Poor overall media compatibility

Network playback only via UPnP

MKV and M2TS videos not visible using UPnP



The SMP-N100’s potential is clearly under-exploited.  It provides quality Internet services but media compatibility is too random for us to be able to recommend it.

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