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Sony Nasne: multimedia box with TV tuner and DLNA NAS

Sony Japan announced the launch of Nasne, a new multimedia package designed to work with other manufacturer’s product lines such as TV Sony Bravia, Playstation 3/PS Vita consoles, the VAIO PC, or Xperia smart phones/tablets. Sony spoke some time ago of its desire for a converging product, the Nasne is obviously the interesting symbol that crosses a multimedia box with TV tuners and DLNA NAS.

This media box with a very inspired design of the PS3 Slim, has also just been designed by the same teams that designed the Sony console. The case  has a Nasne Freeview and Satellite (DVB-T/DVB-S), and a 500GB hard drive to store recordings or media files, the USB 2.0 port allows the addition of an external hard drive. Not incorporating a dual tuner, however it retains the ability to broadcast two streams simultaneously, one for the live stream and a second for recording. Naturally, support for DLNA is present, but also for Samba file sharing on Windows. Everything is compatible with any other device with the standard. Unfortunately, Sony does not give any details on multimedia support.

But what is most interesting is the system of interactions between Nasne and other Sony devices. An application will be submitted for each product line, like Torne 4.0 for the PS3 or VAIO TV  with Nasne (and other applications for TV, PS Vita, smartphones and tablets), offering simply the abillity of control the reading and recording. The VAIO PC will also provide support for eight simultaneous Sony Nasne boxes, the PS3 on its side up to 4. Thus allowing in the case of a chaining of several Nasne, you can record up to 4 such stream from a PS3, and 8 streams with a Sony Vaio PC.

The Sony Nasne costs 16,980 yen (about $200) in the month of July in Japan. No information about potential commercialization in the rest of the world, but there is much to think that the Nasne will also be available to us before the end of 2012.

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