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Smart Touch Control: Touch and voice for Smart TV from Samsung

Samsung has unveiled its new Smart Touch Control remote, designed to work with its new generation of connected TVs and other Blu-ray players with Smart TV features. The South Korean company relies on tactile and voice controls.

The Smart Touch Control is well equipped with a touchpad instead of traditional buttons to change channels, or adjust the volume. Here, a movement from top to bottom or from right to left can zap or adjust the sound. The Samsung Smart TV interface will also be accessed using a cursor directed by the touchpad. The rest of the touch buttons is kept to a minimum and allows access to main functions intuitively.

The other spearhead of this is in its remote control function to the voice, it can be activated by pressing the icon “voice.” Samsung promises a broad compatibility with its Smart TV service. In this sense, the company is riding the success of Kinect where voice commands are one of the components.

Samsung has yet to provided the pricing or availability date for this new generation remote control, which will obviously not be supplied as standard with the TV and other compatible devices. The number of devices that can support it, however, should be restricted to new ranges of devices that come out in 2012, like the dual core ES8000 television series, that will be the first compatible with this accessory.

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