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Slackware Linux Based XBMC Distribution

The official linux distribution that XBMC is offered to the linux community is Ubuntu, which is understandable from one point of view because it does make linux approachable to windows users. All they have to do should there be a problem is post it on the ubuntu forums where a gossu user will most probably come back with a simple solution in the form of “apt-get $^^$@oh my world#$#$”.

Now, if you are a linux user of a distribution that allow you to compile software packages from source out of the box, provide a user friendly base, is stable and allow you to compile the latest linux kernel source following the official instructions that is probably the reason why you are still reading this instead of press the back button on your browser.

One such distribution is Slackware and the purpose of the SlaXBMC blog is to provide you with a step-by-step guide on:

  1. How to create a lean Slackware installation (using the official Slackware release) ready for XBMC
  2. How to install all the required packages including XBMC
    • The easy way (using ready made slackware packages)
    • The gossu way (download their source and compile it yourself!)
  3. How to configure XBMC

Check it out at

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