RSS  Facebook   Twitter  Digg All of Your Favorite Shows Direct to Your iProduct… makes all of your Windows Media Center recorded TV shows and movies available on your iPad, iPod, iPhone, Apple TV and every Mac and PC in your house.

  • Converts DVR-MS and .WTV to H.264
  • Converts AC-3 audio to AAC, MPEG
  • Serves up great looking .mp4 looks for recorded TV shows on your Media Center. When it sees a new show come in, it automatically converts it into high-quality H.264 video and serves it up to iTunes as a Podcast, or streams it to your web browser.

Connect your iPod to iTunes for free shows to go.

What you need

  • A PC running Windows Media Center with a TV tuner.
  • An Apple iProduct (or web browser).

Record your TV shows with Windows Media Center.

Most new PC’s come with Windows Media Center preloaded and ready to go. You’ll need a TV tuner connected to your PC. If you don’t have one already, here is a list. supports and tv signal you can capture, including:

  • Digital Cable clear QAM
  • Digital Terrestrial OTA
  • Analog Cable
  • Analog Terrestrial makes web and Apple-friendly videos. runs silently in the back ground, converting the files from the native Windows Media formats (DVR-MS and .WTV) into streamable H.264 video compatible with any Apple device or web browser.

  • iPad
  • iPhone
  • iPod
  • AppleTV
  • iTunes
  • Browser serves up your shows as podcasts. turns your media center PC into a web server, dishing up podcasts securely to your iTunes accounts on any PC or Mac.

You can also stream your shows direct to your web browser on any PC or Mac in your house.

Log onto your account from your PC or Mac and subscribe to the podcasts of your favorite shows, or just hit ‘play’.

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