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SilverStone SST-LC16B-MR Aluminum Front Panel/0.8 mm SECC Body

SilverStone SST-LC16B-MR Aluminum Front Panel/0.8 mm SECC Body

Price: $239.99

 With over 15 HTPC enclosures worth of experience and years of knowledge in case cooling and layout, SilverStone’s acclaimed engineering and design team has once again re-invented an existing standard. The attractively styled LC16M offers impressive features that are unprecedented for HTPC enclosures. They include cooling performance surpassing most tower cases for next generation processor technology and a storage capacity unseen in previous cases of this class. By combining these new technical advances with traditional HTPC features such as VFD/IR multimedia kit and a clean, functional front fascia, the LC16M is sure to become the premier choice for HTPC enthusiasts.

SilverStone SST-LC16B-MR Aluminum Front Panel/0.8 mm SECC Body ATX Media Center/HTPC Case – Retail (Black)



  • Brilliant home theater styling details
  • Next generation cooling performance
  • Outstanding potential for silent operation
  • Integrated hotkey and multi-functional knob
  • Superior storage capacity

User Reviews

The SilverStone SST-LC16B-MR is a great case. I’ve a couple of these for about 2 years now, one in a home theater setting and another one in a home office. The LC-16 is a nice, mostly inclusive solution. It features a built-in VFD (vacuum fluorescent display) that has never caused me any issues (unlike the same unit in my Antec Fusion). This unit doesn’t come with a power supply, which at this price and quality level is actually more of a benefit than a drawback. This allows the system builder to chose the appropriate power supply for the job.

Since the unit is larger than most other HTPC cases, it accepts both ATX and micro-ATX motherboards. While the case does accept ATX mobo’s, I’d recommend a motherboard that has a lot of built-in features to reduce the need for expansion cards. Also, there are six 3.5″ hard drive slots, so storage capacity is rather generous. I have 2500 cd’s and with lossless compression, it takes up 1.2 terabytes or one gargantuan hard drive. I use another 1.5tb for my music videos and another 3tb of drives for my regular dvd collection. All in all, I have about 550 movies / music videos at my fingertips!

The good news, when the Fusion is paired with a silent video card and a low power consumption CPU; the LC16 is very quiet. The fans are a bit noisier than the 120mm equipped Antec Fusion since this case uses 92mm for the intake / hard drive cages and 80mm for the exhaust fans. The seeking of hard drives is better muffled than in the Antec Fusion. I like the fact that the intake fans are located with the hard drives as it keeps them very cool this way.

A word of caution though, if using a full sized ATX motherboard, there is a high likelihood that something on the motherboard will make it difficult to use the bottom most slot in either 3 drive HD cage. Look at the inside of the case and compare to your motherboard to see if this would be an issue. This problem is all but eliminated if you use a Micro-ATX mobo. In addition, full length video cards might be too long if you have a longer than average DVD-ROM drive. I was able to fit a Geforce 8800GT video card because I used a Samsung DVD-ROM drive which is very short.

The LC16 comes with the iMon remote which does have center disc pad that simulates a pen point mouse. However, this is gimmicky at best and frustratingly slow and inaccurate. Other than the remote system power button (which is way cool), this remote gets virtually no use with me. Luckily, the VFD also doubles as a remote sensor if you have a Windows XP MCE or Vista Home Premium remote. But be aware, if you want to use the wireless Microsoft media keyboard, you will need the external remote sensor as the VFD remote sensor will not work with the MS media wireless keyboard.

The volume knob is more decorative than functional. It is meant to give it the look of an audio component, but if you use digital audio outputs, the volume knob with have no effect as it only controls the volume of the analog outputs. The transport control buttons do work for Media Center, Media Player, Winamp and iMon media center. I haven’t used the bundled iMon software, so I can’t comment on it. With 2500 recordings (yes, I actually own that many cd’s), anything other than WinAmp is just too slow to navigate. The front firewire and USB ports allow for quick connections of external drives and devices and is hidden behind a front panel. The MR cases come with a media reader, 1 USB and 1 Firewire port. The non-MR cases don’t have a media reader, but add another 3 USB ports while costing less.

If you are a relatively computer savvy person with common sense, this is a very nice case to work with if you remember the small form factor. Unlike a tower case, the LC16 can be somewhat cramped to work with if you don’t plan it out first. Once you’ve put together your system, you’ll be vary impressed with the results. Silverstone makes a very elegant and well constructed case. The brushed aluminum facia, the solid feeling control buttons, the no-brainer DVD drive door, and the VFD make this a truly elite HTPC case. So much so, I have two of them. Everyone that sees the unit loves the look and I love the 6 terabytes of flexibility!
An elegant, flexible, and well built HTPC case



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