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Silverstone SG08 HTPC Case

Silverstone shows off it’s new Sugo mini ITX case series, the SG08 model. This case comes to complement the SG07 with a less game looking for the front, but with similar internal structure.

The SG08 incorporates a 600W power supply specially adapted for mini ITX cases, since the FA has reduced the size of their cables to better accommodate them in such a small space.

Although the compact size of only 14.8 liters, the SG08 is still capable of accepting a good selection of full size components.

For the first time in a case of this kind, it has included a front 10 mm thick made of extruded aluminum and brushed. Certainly gives a robust and very stylish look.

It has 2 front USB 3.0 ports, a slot for a slim optical drive, and on the side the opening for graphics cooling which includes a adjustable fan duct for VGA for increased cooling efficiency.

This case includes a 180mm fan AP181 (700/1200rpm – 18/34dBA) at the top that blows air into the box creating a positive pressure, so it will be possible to mount a passive cooler as the SST-NT06- E. If you chose this heatsink you have to note that the maximum limit of height is 117mm. It includes a removable anti-dust filter side for a quick release.

On the rear it includes a toggle switch for the top fan. It also includes the reset and the power button connector.

Motherboards that can be mounted in this box are mini ITX format and mini DTX. The housing allows mounting a hard disk 3.5 “and two 2.5” more. The optical reader type must be slim.

The graphic card may have up to 31 cm in length and double slot. Its PSU is 600W ATX format with its cables cut. The power supply fan is oriented toward the bottom of the box, including a 120mm hole to cool the PSU and, of course, also includes an anti-dust filter.

In this picture you can see all the dimensions of this so compact case.

The SG08 is a great box for accommodating more powerful components we can find, although the aesthetic can make a hole in the living room. Perfectly cooled by large fans and the many exhaust ventilation. The price is approximately about $240, quite expensive to set up a basic device, would not hurt a version with a less powerful power source and thus reduce the cost of equipment.

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