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SilverStone LC19B-R Aluminum Front Panel/1.0 mm SECC Body Micro

SilverStone LC19B-R Aluminum Front Panel/1.0 mm SECC Body Micro

Price: $189.99


With an increasing number of mobile CPUs moving to desktop systems, SilverStone engineers once again saw a great opportunity to create a case that would truly take advantage of this movement. The result is an amazingly slim 68mm (2.68 inches) tall enclosure that is still capable of accommodating a Micro-ATX motherboard and widely available storage components. For people who prefer to build a system that is easy on the eyes (and occasionally, out of sight) with power to do almost anything, the LC19 is perfect.

SilverStone LC19B-R Aluminum Front Panel/1.0 mm SECC Body Micro ATX Media Center/HTPC Case – Retail (Black)



  • Width: 15.35″
  • Height: 2.67″
  • Depth: 13.7″
  • Front USB Ports: 2
  • Front FireWire Ports: 1

User Reviews

There are very few 1U HTPC cases on the market today; they’re all either hulking monstrosities or Shuttle boxes that don’t sit well with your other components. This case is of solid yet light construction, and makes the most of the tight internal space.

Power supply uses an external box, which is annoying but not really a bad thing because it removes a lot of heat (an HTPC’s biggest enemy) from the case. The PSU connector may feel loose, but doesn’t actually come out without some effort. Similarly, the front panel door feels loose and sloppy despite its metal construction and hinges.

Because it’s such a flat space, don’t expect to be able to use your stock CPU cooling; you’ll need an EXTREMELY low-profile CPU heat-sink/fan; and most that call themselves low-profile don’t come close to fitting. I’ve only found two that are actually low enough, and went with the SILVERSTONE Nitrogon NT07-775 CPU Cooler, which fit perfectly.

If your motherboard has the SATA ports in the front right corner (like most do), definitely buy 90-degree SATA cables, because the front panel drive mount sits right on top of them, and won’t fit with a straight SATA cable connected.

Minus one star because it doesn’t have (or have space for) a front-panel IR port.

Due to the limited space/airflow, I recommend using an SSD drive in this box. It also keeps it amazingly quiet. — Nice, solid little HTPC case

Has a fanless power supply, which means it comes with a large external AC to DC power converter (like you have with a laptop, only bigger). Unfortunately the connector they use to connect the external power converter to the case does not engage firmly and is very loose. Not sure if this would be a problem as the power supply is dead and wouldn’t power up the motherboard.

Will send it back and try a different brand. — Not so good



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