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SilverStone Lascala LC20B-M ATX HTPC Home Entertainment PC Case

SilverStone Lascala LC20B-M ATX HTPC Home Entertainment PC Case

Price: $174.99


Rounding out a fully capable LC20 enclosure is the LC20M with integrated VFD/IR and excellent media software for home theater style functionality. Behind its clean front fascia are a complete set of I/O ports and three useful external drive bays for excellent multimedia versatility. For individuals that require the maximum use of available room in a relatively compact enclosure, there is no better choice than the LC20M.

SilverStone Lascala LC20B-M ATX HTPC Home Entertainment PC Case with VFD, Remote Control, Front USB, FireWire and Audio Ports (Black)



  • Smooth aluminum front panel with contemporary touch
  • Next generation cooling performance
  • Outstanding potential for silent operation
  • Class-leading storage capacity with drive doors

User Reviews

This is a very nice case overall, but it does tend to get crowded once you put a full size graphics card in it. A couple of inches in hieght or depth would have helped. Once a fan is installed in the front of the chasis the hard drive also needs to moves lower and then it gets very crammed.

Good looking but it get overcrowded inside.

Nice looking roomy case, steel construction for better sound insulation than aluminum. Provides enough room for state-of-the-art graphics cards, CPU and cooling, but looks more appropriate in the living room than a tower. I suppose I would have preferred if the vent on the CPU side were sealed by default, but it’s a minor niggle. Looks much better than the first image here; make sure to check out the other images, as the case is in fact a very dark matte black. — What’s not to love?



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