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SilverStone Grandia GD02B Aluminum/Steel Micro ATX Media

SilverStone Grandia GD02B Aluminum/Steel Micro ATX Media

Price: $134.99

Grandia represents brilliance, and SilverStone’s Grandia GD02 is certainly a brilliant chassis that seamlessly integrates innovation and aesthetics. An HTPC enclosure has never been so powerful yet so compact like the GD02. With a depth of only 360mm, it will comfortably fit inside home theater cabinets but still accommodate a regular sized power supply, Micro-ATX motherboard, and even high end graphics cards up to 11.5 inches. With exquisitely finished hair-brushed aluminum front panel and organic spherical appearance, GD02 is not only designed brilliantly but also looks brilliant.

SilverStone Grandia GD02B Aluminum/Steel Micro ATX Media Center/HTPC Case – Retail (Black) 


  • Width: 17″
  • Height: 6.10″
  • Depth: 14.17″
  • Front USB Ports: 2
  • Front FireWire Ports: 1

User Reviews

After trying Lian Li and several other cases I ended up using this one and love it. Great looking, strudy, very efficient space organization, allows for full length PCI cards, good air circulation. — Great Media PC case

First of all let me say that overall this case is well built with quite cooling fans and an acceptable depth (about 14 3/16 without rear cables – right angle cables best choice for tight fit) for many home theater cabinets.

One issue of some concern is the position of the hard drives and power supply. With two hard drives installed, one WD Raptor 10,000 RPM 36GB for the operating system and another Seagate 7200 RPM 1TB for music and movies, the hard drive cage and drives appear to get hotter to the touch than I would like. There is no room for hard drive cooling with both drives installed. My solution will be to remove the 36GB Raptor and install a quite hard drive cooler which will take up the space of the second hard drive.

A second issue is the CPU cooler. I purchased a quite low profile Zalman but it was too high with the CD/DVD drive holder installed. I then purchased the fanless CPU cooler from SilverStone thinking they would have one that fits properly. By the way I have a BioStar TA790GX XE and an AMD 5050e 45 watt processor so heat is less of a factor. If you contact SilverStone they will tell you the cooling capabilities with regard to acceptable processors. Anyway, the SilverStone CPU cooler works fine but partially blocks the Slot for a video card. If I decide to utilize the Hybrid CrossFire in the future some of the cooler fins will need to be removed. Because this cooler can handle a 65 watt or greater processors this may not be an issue. Some investigation will be necessary. — Hard Drive Heat – CPU Cooler

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