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SilverStone GD06 Video Review

Today it’s cinema time. I leave you three videos of the installation and configuration of this new box, the Silverstone GD06.

The video author insists on putting an excellent PSU, the Seasonic X-400 costing the lost of two hard disks hotswap slots and compromising the aesthetics of the box, especially looking at the the top and see the gap that the box of hard drives leaves.

As you know, one of the limitations of this box is that it not allows power supplies with more than 150mm in depth, because the hard drives hotswap bays are too deep and stick to the PSU.

For the rest, he installs a i5 2500K core with a Big Shuriken, Asrock motherboard, Corsair SSD Force Series and Samsung F4, Samsung BD player and a pair of memory modules. This is cooled with a curious combination of Scyhte Kama Flow and Noctua S12 fans.

SilverStone GD06 Specification

SilverStone GD06 Review

You’ll enjoy it.


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  1. Bhinder says:

    Very Nice video, exactly what i was looking for. Thank you,

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