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SilverStone GD06 HTPC Chassis Review

Update: Video Added

As the line between home theater A/V and personal computing continues to blur, home theater style computer cases are becoming more and more popular with consumers.   SilverStone Technologies launched a successful line of home theater cases back in 2009 with the Grandia series (GD04 and GD05) and this review is going to cover the new and improved model, the Grandia GDO6.

SilverStone’s goal with this case is graceful functionality combined with an aesthetically pleasing look that you would expect out of something sitting in your home theater area.  The case retails for about $130 USD, putting it in the middle range of most other computer cases.  Before we get to into it, let’s go over the over important spec-sheet:

Going over the sheet yields pretty impressive (and quiet!) cooling features with three included 120mm fans and additional expandability possible with 80mm fans.  The case fits your standard arrangement of small form factor motherboards and is also able to squeeze in a standard-sized ATX power supply.

There are four functional slots that align with the installed motherboard’s PCI-e slots and one additional slot above the PSU where an additional USB or audio I/O plate, rheostat, or slot fan could be placed.  One of the most interesting features of this case is the various arrangements drives can be put in as well as the two front facing ejectable hard drive docks.  For those without central media or file servers this feature could be huge with the ability to swap drives full of movies or TV shows.  Wrapping up the spec sheet, the last item of note is the front panel USB connections which are USB 3.0 compliant.

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