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SilverStone Aluminum Front Panel Standard ATX and Micro ATX

SilverStone Aluminum Front Panel Standard ATX and Micro ATX

Price: $87.89


What makes a case attractive at first glance and continues to impress after years of ownership? This is the question our engineers had to ask themselves when designing the LC03 and the answer was a shape that defies conventional case making technique. Behind the powerful yet retrained aluminum front panel is a chassis with perfect balance of size and capacity.

SilverStone Aluminum Front Panel Standard ATX and Micro ATX Computer Case LC03B (Black)



  • Exceptional aluminum front panel design
  • Body cover in mirror coating
  • Full ATX compatibility
  • User friendly layout for system integration

User Reviews

Beautiful finish, good layout and (are you ready for this?)–Received my rebate check within a week of mailing. (Anyone from MSI out there? You guys could learn a few things). My ONLY complaint about this case is that once you install all of the basics, there is room for only 3 hard drives…technically, two.
And to the guy who complained about the broken ‘foot’-this baby comes with non skid rubber soles. If you think you’re going to be sliding it in and out a lot, go to Wally World and buy some 1.5″ felt pads for $2! Works like a charm,
Did I mention that it’s BEAUTIFUL?! And it runs fairly quiet too! — AWESOME!

When I first saw this case I was impressed how nice it looked. Front panels were attractive brushed aluminum and the panel doors opened slow and smooth instead of just dropping open. The case cover was a beautiful piano black and the feet of the case had nice machined looking circular feet like most digital receivers have, it just looked great! It was also very roomy in the case and there were also front panel connectors for USB and firewire as well. Now for the not so great…
First off, when installing the components I noticed, in order to install the BD-Rom drive into the 5.25″ bay, the 3.5″ bay drive next to it needed to be unscrewed and removed in order to screw in one side of the drive, plus the 5.25″ bay did not have slots to hold the drive in place while mounting the rom drive so I needed to hold the drive in place with one hand while trying to screw it in, and 3.5″ bay has the same problem as well.
When I went to move the case, I slightly slid it as I picked it up and when I placed it in another area to install the OS I noticed it was wobbling. One of the feet had broken off in the previous area and then another broke off a few moments later. The broken piece was made out of very thin plastic with a thin metal strip glued around it. I understand that most of these are made out of plastic but the area where the screw goes into the case the plastic should be thicker to support the stress. I had to super glue the broken pieces back together to get the feet back on the case and be very careful when moving it.
As I first powered on the unit the power button got stuck as I pressed it in and needed to be pressed hard a few times in order to get it back out causing the PC to power on and off a few times in the process. I don’t know if this was just a defective button or they are all like this but I later needed to be very careful to “lightly” press the button so it wouldn’t get stuck although it still happens time to time.
This is a very attractive case for an HTPC although I would think twice again about buying one with front panel doors because if I were to install an IR receiver in one of the bays the door would always need to be open and I would probably end up breaking one of them off eventually. If you don’t mind being very “gentle” power button and while moving the unit, this is a very nice looking case and it would blend in perfectly with your other components. — Looks great but not built great



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