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Silicon Power T10: SATA II SSD

Silicon Power, a major actor on storage solutions based on Flash memory, is launching a new entry-level SSD family called T10. Boasting a brushed metal case, the T10 SSD are likely to offer excellent performance with a SATA II interface with advertised data rates of 278MB/s.

So they call themselves as an attractive alternative for users who want to offer a hardware upgrade to their machine while considering a budget low price.

On product reliability, the T10 features a standard DDR2 cache which will ensure a regular performance and stability of flows in both writing and reading time. In addition, the T10 supports SMART technology and ECC error correction providing the best solutions for data protection.

Like any new SSD generation, the new Silicon Power SSD benefits from the essential TRIM function to maximize performance and the brand ensures the ability to boot your PC in ten seconds. The T10 will be available in 32, 64, 128 and 256 GB, compatible with SATA I and II interfaces and are 2.5 inches in size. They respect and RoHS environmental standards designed to use low-energy.

Finally, the Silicon Power T10 has a three years warranty, weighs 77g and its price is not yet known.

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