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Showtime v2.99.401- Massive Bug Fixes and Performance Tweaks

Andoma has updated Showtime – a PS3 Homebrew Home Theater System application. The new release fixes some embarrassing bugs that slipped by in the previous release. Showtime is a media player for use on HTPC media centers. It is primarily intended to be controlled via keypad input such as a IR or bluetooth remote control, keyboards, etc but works also very well with a pointer device.


Change logs below:

Showtime v2.99.401
Fix alignment issues with subtitles.
Make sure each rendered text line is aligned same way as the text bounding box
Fixes ticket#497
Don’t crash if text rendering fails
freetype: If we are unable to get a face with style modifiers, try to get one without
It’s ok since we can do italic and bold ourselfs. Before this Showtime crashed
httpclient: Fix regression with non-chunked transfered data
Problem when reading last bytes of file (truncated reads)
Affected playback of .mov/.mp4 files

Showtime 2.99.393
New PS3 icon in XMB (credits to gizmo)
Improved subtitle rendering (Can now do some styles, etc from SSA/***)
subtitles: Add support for Windows 1250 character encoding
Handle UTF-8 BOM in SRT files
Fix various bugs in PS3 Cell accelerated video decoder
Improve SRT scanner (Don’t search on UPNP shares, only search parent folder and subs/ folder)
Faster navigation to new page when clicking on an item
Fixes for Twonky UPNP/DLNA server
Fix playback of some AVI files (Timestamp problems)
Plug a bunch of memory leaks
Handle and tags in SRT subs, skip other tags

Add settings for subtitles
– Screen positioning (left, center, right)
– Size adjustment (no longer scale from UI settings)
– Possible to have Showtime always select a subtitle if one is found
Faster start of video playback from upnp (use mimetype to infer container format instead of probing)
Improve buffer management, see 7ecd2e76
Improve performance of browsing RAR archives
Make work again
Support SRT files from minidlna server


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