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Sharp World’s First 8K Ultra High Definition Display

NHK and Sharp Corporation have jointly developed an 85-inch LCD compatible with Super Hi-Vision, a next-generation direct-view television broadcast format.

It suports a whopping resolution of 7,680 x 4,320 – which is a mind boggling amount when you think about it since it is the equivalent of 16 times the resolution of HDTV, paving the way for your eyes to feast on incredibly detailed, high-quality images.

Under the joint development, Sharp’s UV2A*2 LCD technology was used to create for the first time in the world a direct-view LCD compatible with the unprecedentedly high display performance of Super Hi-Vision.

The combination of the Sharp technology and NHK’s expertise and know-how in Super Hi-Vision will make possible ultra-detailed, super-high-quality images.

The incredibly detailed images on the giant screen will immerse the viewer in a virtual-reality-like experience.


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