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Sharp LC-70LE732U 70″ LED HDTV Review

There are big HDTVs and then there is the Sharp 70-inch LED HDTV. Currently, Sharp’s 70-inch LED HDTV is the king among larger than life HDTVs not powered by rear projection DLP technology, though Samsung does have a 75-inch display coming. Still, the Samsung is rumored to cost $13,000, while the Sharp LC-70LE732U reviewed here, retails for a mere $3,299.99. But is the mighty 70-inch worth it?

The LC-70LE732U (LC-70) isn’t a true 70-inch diagonal display, it’s really a 69 and a half inch diagonal display, though it wouldn’t matter if Sharp called the LC-70 “the really, really big HDTV” for that’s what it is. BIG. How big? Well it measures 63 and a half inches wide by nearly 39 inches tall and three and a half inches thick to be exact – that’s over five feet wide by three and a quarter feet tall. Despite its LED pedigree the LC-70 isn’t lightweight either, tipping the scales at a hefty 92 pounds. Tack on the included table stand and the LC-70 nearly breaks the 100-pound mark. Physically the LC-70 isn’t the slickest looking HDTV on the market, in fact it borders on boring compared to the likes of Samsung, Sony –  hell, even Vizio. But none of them offer a 70-inch display and if they did, I doubt they would cost the same as the Sharp LC-70.

I think the LC-70 70-inch LED HDTV from Sharp is an impressive display, not to mention pretty affordable when compared to its peers. There are a few issues with the LC-70, mainly cheap build quality and crummy onscreen menus that keep it from being class leading; however where it counts, image quality, it’s rather remarkable. If you’re in the market for a larger than thou HDTV and don’t care for “features” such as 3D or require access to a million and one Apps, then the LC-70 should be on your short list of HDTVs to consider.

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