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Seagate presents GoFlex Home NAS

Seagate is really on the move–having added another product to their GoFlex line yesterday. The new kid on the block is the GoFlex home which aims and claims to simplify house-wide, network storage. Seagate claims that “with just two cable connections and a simple, illustrated, step-by-step installation tool that gets the device up and running in minutes, the GoFlex Home system solves the household storage puzzle in a snap.”

With the GoFlex Home, users can backup their data from a Windows or Mac OS X computer automatically using the included backup software. Alternatively, the GoFlex Home is also compatible with Apple Time Machine which is huge for Mac users. The GoFlex Home comes in 1TB and 2TB flavors. This can be easily increased by dropping in a larger hard drive size or connecting additional USB drives to the device. The USB drive also supports sharing a network printer.

At the moment, the GoFlex Home is available for purchase on for $159.99 for 1TB and $229.99 for 2TB.

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