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Seagate GoFlex TV HD Media Player Review

Seagate’s GoFlex TV has changed little from its previous incarnation — the FreeAgent Theater+ network media player. It has the same menu and features. The only change is the redesign of the player’s housing. Now it is a small rectangular unit with a door that opens to accommodate an optional Seagate GoFlex portable hard drive. The GoFlex drive can sync with your computer’s media library and be docked to the GoFlex TV using a SATA connection.

The GoFlex TV is a solid performer. It can stream from basic online services — Netflix, Pandora, Flickr and Picasa and play most media file formats from your home network.


  • It plays iTunes and most file formats.
  • It has a dock slide in and connect the GoFlex portable hard drive.
  • There is an iPhone GoFlex remote control app that also transfers photos directly from the phone’s photo library.
  • The menus are easy to use.
  • It plays 1080p full high definition video.
  • Both photos and video have excellent picture quality.
  • It can play music over a slideshow.
  • The included sync software for PCs keeps your GoFlex portable hard drive updated with additions to your media library.


  • It has only Netflix, Pandora, Picasa, and Flickr, and does not have a video on demand movie service.
  • It re-indexes the files on the attached hard drive every time you power on.
  • It can’t connect to your personal Flickr account.
  • It takes a minute to connect to the media servers on your home network once you click on the icon
  • It can only manually sync media files from a Mac to GoFlex external hard drive.
  • It can’t copy a file over the network from other media libraries to the attached GoFlex external hard drive.
  • It is not a Digital Media Renderer; as a result, you cannot send files to it from DLNA controllers like Twonky Beam or mobile media sharing apps.

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