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Sanyo PLC-WL2503 Ultra Short-throw 3 LCD Interactive Projector

Sanyo introduces its new PLC-WL2503, a wide XGA ultra short-throw 3LCD interactive projector designed for the educational and corporate presentation use. Like Epson’s 450Wi, the WL2503 is an interactive projector that enables writing and operation with image projected on any surface, including screens, standard whiteboards and wall surfaces.

The projector comes with two interface devices (a pen and a pointer), each containing an infrared (IR) transmitter. When the tip of either device is pressed against the screen or wall surface, it generates an IR signal that is detected by a camera module located on the front surface of the projector. This signal allows the system to determine the relative location of the tip on the projected image, and this information is transmitted to the PC through a USB connection for display on screen.

Sanyo PLC WL2503 a Sanyo PLC WL2503 Ultra Short throw 3 LCD Interactive Projector

The Sanyo PLC-WL2503 features 1280×800 WXGA resolution, 500:1 contrast ratio, and 2500 lumens brightness. It’s ultra-short throw lens creates images from 60 to 110 inches at a distance of no more than 47 inches from the screen and an 80-inch image requiring only 34-inch throw distance. The WL2503 offers up to 4,000 hours of lamp life and comes with hybrid filter that helps minimize maintenance time and costs.

The Sanyo PLC-WL2503 offers HDMI 1.3 input, dual D-sub, S-Video, Composite inputs and RS-232C connector and an RJ-45 connector for the wired LAN Network control. It will be available for 95.99.


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