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SanDisk Extreme SSD: a direct competitor to the Intel 520

SanDisk announced yesterday the Extreme SSD, which is in its new high end line of SSDs. The newcomer therefore displaces the Ultra in the consumer line and comes to compete with the spearheads of the market.

The new SanDisk Extreme SSD  boasts actually speeds of 550 and 520 MB/s sequential read and write, and up to 83,000 and 44,000 IOPS random read and write, is strictly the performance claimed by the newest Intel 520 SSD Series.

Although the manufacturer is very mysterious about it, everything leads us to believe that both SSDs are based on the same controller, a SandForce SF-2281, or even that it is a white label Intel 520. We can anyway expect similar performance in practice.

The SanDisk Extreme SSD is now available in capacity of 120GB and 240GB respectively for $190 and $400, and will be offered later a 480GB for $750. If its performance is confirmed, it will display a relatively competitive cost per gigabyte.

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