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Samsung UN55ES8000 Review

In Europe this TV is UE55ES8000.

Launched by Samsung at CES 2012 in Las Vegas, the UN55ES8000 represents the high end TV from Samsung. On the agenda: improving the dynamic backlight system (‘ultimate’ micro-dimming) and, especially, voice and gestures control. The image quality have been improved?


Accurate colours: average delta E of 3.1

Effective motion interpolation function

Remote with built-in touchpad is particularly practical

Low power use: 107 watts


Glossy screen: reflections are a problem

Tight viewing angles

More 3D crosstalk than in the D8000

Disappointing contrast: 1960:1

The model we tested was prone to clouding


The Samsung ES8000 is ahead of its time. While there’s still room for improvement in the motion and voice control systems, it’s the first TV out there to integrate this kind of function. And, on the whole, they work reasonably well. Image quality, on the other hand, seems to have taken a step backwards, with a lower contrast level (1960:1) than the D8000, tighter viewing angles, screen brightness that’s less consistent across the display and stronger 3D crosstalk. All in all, the ES8000 just managed to scrape its way to a four-star review!

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  1. Riley M says:

    Great review! I think that the Samsung ES8000 is one of the best looking TVs that I have ever seen. It is amazing how Samsung was able to fit all that technology into a package that is super slim. I am in the market for a new TV because I let my parents have my previous TV since they recently upgraded their Dish account to free HD. They wouldn’t have wanted a TV so advanced anyways. I’ve been getting help on what brands to look into from a few colleagues at Dish, and I think Samsung has been a top player. I can’t wait to play with one of these, and I really can’t wait for football season to start!

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