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Samsung UE55D8000 Review

Without a replacement in sight for the C9000 family, the D8000 is the new top-of-the-range TV in Samsung’s offering for spring 2011.  It boasts online services and a 3D display.  With each edge measuring a mere 5 mm, the picture seems to be floating in thin air.  Better still, it’s incredibly slim and offers a great picture.  Let’s take a closer look…

Only the external design separates the D7000 from the D8000.  In place of the D7000’s centimetre of transparent plastic trim, the D8000 has a 5 mm thin metallic strip around the screen.

With LED backlighting around the edge of the screen, it’s just 3 cm from front to back!

Just like the rest of Samsung’s 2011 range of TVs, the D8000 supports the DLNA 1.5 standard and has a new generation of online services.  When you search for a video, results from your home network and online VOD services are included.  You can use a built-in browser to surf the web, with support for Flash Player 10.1.  Not all online video sites work though.

Samsung has updated the onscreen menus in the past year, and they’re no longer semi-transparent.  Instead, there’s room for text explanations to the right of each setting with helpful tips for new users.  Frustratingly, the remote look like it came from an entry-level TV.  It might be easy to use and have backlit buttons, but it’s really not very stylish.  You can avoid using it if you have an iPhone or an Android-based smartphone, though, as Samsung has an app that allows you to control your TV if it’s on the same home network as your mobile.


Attractive results in 2D and 3D

Accurate colours (deltaE: 2.4) and good contrast ratio (3200:1)

Powerful Motion Rate 800 Hz mode

Backlit remote control

Low energy consumption: 112 W



Glossy screen susceptible to reflections

Viewing angles too narrow

Remote is pretty basic

Crosstalk more visible than on plasma 3D TVs

Clouding on our test unit



As well as an attractive new design and a perfect finish, the D8000 produces a great picture in both 2D and 3D.  It’s just a shame that some very pronounced clouding spoils things.

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  1. Joel V says:

    Just look at that screen! It is beautiful! The screen is so big too! It is one gorgeous TV. Wow pretty soon Samsung will probably take over the world. Scratch that, it already has. With their newest D8000 TV’s, there is so much more to love! Along with the super huge screen, there is the ability to go on the internet. That is awesome! It would go perfectly with my subscription to DISH Network (also my employer). I mean, watching the best quality HD channels on the best looking TV would be one great experience. HD is free with any top package too, so I suggest going to to get all the information! I can’t wait to get mine!

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