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Samsung UE46C9000 3D LED TV Review

The Samsung C9000 series displays have kept a low profile since their unveiling at the January 2010 CES show. When you consider their high price (the 46″ UE46C9000 costs no less than £3000), that probably won’t come as much of a surprise. As the company’s top-tier model, this 3D capable, ultra-slim LED-sidelit LCD display features a Full HD 1080p panel, 4 HDMI inputs, and also ships with a unique touch-screen remote control.

Samsung UE46C9000

The Samsung UE46C9000 is certainly a stunningly engineered HDTV: with a screen that’s just 0.5cm deep, it truly is “pencil thin”. The 46-inch LCD panel is surrounded by a silver metallic bezel, and although we prefer black (for the perception of higher contrast that it gives on-screen images), we can’t deny that the design is aesthetically pleasing as well as technically impressive.

Unlike the step-down Samsung C8000 series 3D TV we reviewed, which sat somewhat precariously on top of a four-legged metallic stand, the C9000 is fixed to a thick silver stand. Due to the extreme thinness of the TV (it’s too thin to place any HDMI inputs on), this stand also serves as a “media box”: it’s where the television’s power feed, aerial, and video input hookups are located.

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