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Samsung SSD 830 256GB Review

In mid-August Samsung announced their SSD 830, the updated follow-up to the 470 SSD. Samsung’s 470 and now 830 SSDs are becoming a bit of a rarity; both SSDs are built entirely in house with Samsung components. The Samsung 830 features a 3-core MCX controller, 2x nm Toggle MLC NAND, 256MB SDRAM cache and firmware, all made by Samsung. Heck, at this point we wouldn’t be surprised if Samsung owned a bauxite mine in Australia to harvest the raw materials needed for the aluminum case. Whatever the case, the new SATA 6Gb/s drive delivers sequential reads of 520 MB/s, writes of 400 MB/s and 4K random read IOPS of 80,000.


  • Fantastic design
  • All home grown, a rarity in today’s SSD space
  • Scorching 4K reads, market leader
  • Excellent idle power cosumption numbers


  • Poor 4K writes
  • Average real-world performance

Bottom Line

The Samsung SSD 830 is one of few viable alternatives to SandForce-powered SSDs. Its slim body looks great, but more importantly, the entirely home grown solution generally performs great too, with the highest 4K reads we’ve seen from any consumer SSD to date. It’s not all roses, the drive sputters a bit when it comes to 4K writes, but that’s not enough to keep us from recommending the SSD 830 as a great alternative for the enthusiast SSD buyer.

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