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Samsung Spinpoint M8 Review

The 1TB Samsung Spinpoint M8 offers a mainstream 9.5mm drive height with two 500GB platters, bringing high capacity notebook storage to the masses. Previously if you wanted a 1TB internal hard drive, the only option was to buy a bulky notebook that supported the larger 12.5mm drive sizes. With the Spinpoint M8, just about any machine can now have a beefy storage system ready to warehouse digital assets.

To give the Spinpoint M8 its high 1TB capacity and short 9.5mm height, Samsung used a twin 500GB per platter design; this is the highest platter capacity available in a 2.5-inch drive. High platter density is almost always beneficial to performance, especially when reading large sequential (unbroken) files. To cope with the high platter density, the M8 uses the new Advanced Format, which has 4k sectors (eight times larger than the previous 512b).

  • 1TB in a 9.5mm form factor
  • Low power consumption
  • Well-priced
  • Buyers trade speed for capacity when comparing the M8 to high-capacity 7200RPM notebook drives.
While its real world performance numbers are less than impressive, the M8 finally puts 1TB of storage into a standard-height 9.5mm notebook hard drive and is easy to recommend.
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